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2016 CAWL All-Stars

The CAWL promotes sportsmanship in a competitive wrestling environment while teaching its participants to 'Work Hard', 'Believe in One's Self', 'Set Goals' and 'Wrestle To Win'. Coach John Nogle (B & O Outlaws) dedicated his time and effort in coordinating the CAWL's All-Star team at McDonogh this season. Coach Nogle had this to say: CAWL Coaches, I wanted to thank you guys one last time for supporting the CAWL Stars entry into the McDonogh duals. I hope this is something that we will continue to support in the future and something that I enjoyed being a part of. Although the team placed 16th, the kids were competitive in most individual matches, and although many of the elite kids in our league are familiar with this level of competition, the opportunity to compete for the CAWL Stars gave 17 additional kids the opportunity to wrestle with some of the best and the country and see what they need to do to advance their skills to the next level. As a league, I think we should be proud that we are doing what we can to create these opportunities to have our kids wrestle the highest level of competition that is available. Between the MD Warhawks, Bandits, CAWL Stars, and free agents wrestling for other teams, I calculated that CAWL wrestlers comprised 25% of McDonogh Duals wrestlers. I think that is awesome. Big thanks to Tom Aloi and Marty Shurina for coaching the great group of kids we had this weekend with me, and to Tom Aloi's son for working the table 7 out of 8 of our duals. Like all of you, I like to win and bring home team titles, but I also like to coach kids who represent themselves, their programs, and their league with class even when the outcome doesn't go their way, which all of our kids did. The officials and tournament directors noticed as well and for what it's worth, we were presented with the team sportsmanship award. Attached is a team photo of our group (minus our 62 pounder who could not be located at the time of our photo)..


2016 CAWL All-Stars Line-Up
  Weight Class Wrestlers Full Name CAWL Team
1 62 Ethan Nasvaderani MD B & O Outlaws
2 67 Coleman Nogle MD B & O Outlaws
3 72 Griffin Aloi VA Panthers
4 77 Ryan Athey MD Warhawks
5 82 Tallion Elliott MD Team Rampage
6 87 Blake Sheads VA Team Cobra
7 92 Nicholas Carl VA Marauders
8 97 Samuel Smirnoff MD Wolfpack
9 102 Keegan Shipe VA Bandits
10 107 Andrew Guttentag VA B & O Outlaws
11 114 Ian Ferguson MD B & O Outlaws
12 122 Matthew Roberts VA Marauders
13 132 Andrew Shurina VA Team Cobra
14 142 Joey Murray VA Bandits
15 154 Cade Eversley VA Panthers
16 177 Adam Pfeiffer MD B & O Outlaws
17 237